The honeymoon is over or…maybe it’s just beginning

I must say I was nervous as the bride herself watching episode 7 of Outlander, The Wedding. When the episode started I was like what the heck is this because they started off after the wedding but I knew Starz and Ron Moore wouldn’t let the fans down so I just waited and watched. And I have to say it was the most lovely and carefully planned episode to date.

Everything has been leading up to the wedding night. All the fans have been swooning to see this “verra fine arse” of actor Sam Heughan’s , who plays Jamie Fraser, that the book series writer, Diana Gabaldon, mentioned at the ComicCon event this past summer. But the show wasn’t just about sex, it was about two people forced into a relationship that barely knew each other that blossomed like a beautiful budding rose.

Even though there were some differences from the book version, as there usually are with book adaptations, the show still pulled off the feelings that Diana put to paper.

I must say I was moved to tears when Jamie gave Claire the pearl necklace that was once his mother’s. He tells Claire that the pearls are precious to him as she is too. Once this is said you can see a change come over Claire and I think this is when her real feelings for Jamie being to bloom.

The glances exchanged and facial expression of actors Caitrionia Balfe and Sam Heughan speak volumes. This is the type of television that women have been craving for years. A REAL love story, not this fake crap where they can’t wait to romp all over the bedroom. This was truly a real first time love making portrayal with all it’s awkwardness, nervous jitters and passion.

Bravo for getting it right Anna Foerster and Brian Kelly, Directors and Writer, Anne Kenney. Caitriona Balfe


Starz’s ‘Outlander’ Woos Women with Strong Female Protagonist